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Flower Essence Therapy Western Australia

Innate Healing Essences—In essence, Western Australia’s unique flora as a medium
for spiritual healing and attitudinal change.

Flower Essences from Western Australia


Innate Healing Essences, providing homepathic therapies and treatments, using Flower Essence Therapy for a number of ailments and conditions. The use of flower essences have gained world-wide recognition due to their contribution to holistic health and emotional healing.

Many healers throughout history understood physical manifestations of disease to be a result of emotional imbalance, and these theories are now being corroborated as science and research advances.

The continent of Australia and Western Australia as a whole is recognised as one of the oldest geographical dry land locations on the planet.

Western Australia has climatic areas ranging from high rainfall with dense old growth forest, to lower rainfall cropping regions, to semi-arid desert lands to actual desert country.

With this geographic age and climatic diversity comes the many unique species of native flora from which our essences are created.